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The Family

Our dream

your country guesthouse

Back in time, the greatest wish of farming families was to send their children away from the hard work in the fields. It was like that for us.

Along many years of city life, we ​​have become two established professionals. But the attachment to the land, to all its fragrances and colors that the city conceals, has always had the best of any career project that came our way. Somehow, we knew that our place was somewhere else and that our resources, one day or another, would have all been invested in our ‘return’.

Today, together with our grown-up children and our beloved bassets Caterina and Milo, we have succeeded in restoring a XVII century farmhouse in Tuscany, nestled in the lands around San Casciano dei Bagni thermal baths, in the middle of the Val d’Orcia.

This farmhouse has now become Casa Fabbrini, a country guesthouse where our passion and our everyday life are finally one.

Our days are spent taking care of a magnificent olive grove, a kitchen garden, a rich orchard, together with the hospitality of a variety of guests, united by the love for the tranquillity of these lands and the pure flavors of country life.

Cooking is our forte, because in our family and amongst our friends we have always had a penchant for togetherness, since the time when simply gathering and watching the sunset was the most delightful moment of every vacation. So, in every dish there is a story to tell, in every recipe a lesson learnt in life, in every ingredient a sense of respect for nature that should not be contaminated.

Casa Fabbrini is a country guesthouse, but it is also our dream. It was not created to be a business activity and it will probably never be profitable.
But we are happy. Very happy. And every time our guests tell us they feel at home here, we know that in those words lies the ultimate sense of what we have always wanted.

Paola e Giorgio Fabbrini